Currently, in our platform you can add funds with PayPal, Stripe (Credit or Debit Card). If you wish to pay with Bitcoin, you can contact us privately.
Our payment system is automatic, if for some reason it fails to complete, you need to contact our support so we can manually verify the payment for you.
The BOT is offered in a SaaS model, which means you pay a monthly price for the license and in return we keep updating it.
Our team is releasing atleast 5-10 updates per month or more, including new features.
Any errors that may present, from the service updates will be handled within 24-48h.
If for any reason in future we decide to discontinuate the project, we will warn all users with a month in advance, so that no money is lost.
It work's with any setup, however the more RAM and CPU avaliable, more threads you can handle.
Yes currently it is supported in Windows and MacOS.
You can run as many as you need, the BOT allows you to set the threads in the settings.
Yes, you are allowed to use, for your personal use, in multiple RDP/VPS. Sharing your license is not allowed and can grant you a permanent ban.
Login into your account and use the Discord channel of the tool you bought so you can get proper support.